Sbyke S-16 Rear-Steering Scooter

Sbyke S-16 Rear-Steering Scooter

Sbyke S-16 Rear-Steering Scooter

Kick scooters are popular among kids and teens and now, there’s a kick scooter that owns the market for its versatility not just with younger people but with adults, too. The Sbyke S-16 resembles a regular kick scooter – but only slightly.

The changes in the design for this scooter make it several steps up from a regular scooter. The Sbyke S-16 is sharp and sleek and made to go further and faster than ordinary kick scooters.

The scooter is sharp looking and handles with the ease of a BMX. It has a wide base so that you can fit both of your feet on it at once. Plus, it has a higher weight limit that’s designed to handle the weight of an adult of up to 220 pounds – and that’s why this scooter is on the hot list – because it’s the scooter that everyone in the family can use.

Sbyke S-16 Rear-Steering ScooterSort of like a scooter, a skateboard, a bike and an exercise machine all rolled into one brilliant concept, the Sbyke S-16 can be used for fun, for getting from point A to B and for exercising.

Besides being able to put both feet on the baseboard, this kick scooter has the big front wheel like a BMX and so it offers a better stability than you’d normally get. Because it has the bigger wheel on the front, it can go faster than any other kick scooter. This also lets it turn easier and even handle tight turns, too.

It has rear steer, which gives users more control on curves as well as helping the scooter to handle uneven sidewalks. The rear steer gets its strength and ease of movement thanks to the ABEC 7 bearings. The rims are sturdy aluminum alloy.

The stability of the wheel combined with the wider baseboard allow users to whip around any objects on the sidewalk as well as giving the scooter the ability to execute a smart 360 in a small space.

Sbyke S-16 Rear-Steering ScooterThe scooter is designed so that it won’t fall over like a regular kick scooter and it also has a kickstand like a bike. It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum and tough maple hardwood for the baseboard.

The scooter is adjustable for height, so however tall a child or adult is, the stem can be changed to make it the most comfortable for use. The hand brake is like a bicycle hand brake and users can stop swiftly if needed.

Kids and adults love to use the scooter to go cruising. The recommended age of use for a child is 8 years old.

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