Rue, the WorryWoo Monster of Insecurity and Storybook

Rue the Worrywoo Monster of Insecurity

Rue the Worrywoo Monster of Insecurity

It’s nice when we’re able to choose a toy that teaches our children, and Rue the Worrywoo Monster is a winner of the Iparenting Award and Creative Child Top Toy Award. Your child will learn about self-esteem, confidence and his or her perceptions and emotions.

Rue’s has a storybook is titled The Nose That Didn’t Fit which is designed and written for kids of all ages to learn about insecurity that happens when they don’t fit into the “norm” and how to deal with it.

It’s a sweet and lovable monster that your child will enjoy and keep for his kids. You may have seen and purchased other WorryWoo Monsters such as Wince, the Monster of Worry, Nola, the Monster of Loneliness, Squeek, the Monster of Innocence, and Fuddle, the Monster of Confusion.

These WorryWoo monsters capture the emotions of children and help them learn to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. They’re emotions that most children deal with at some point in childhood and are dealt with in a gentle and educational manner.

Nola, the Monster of Innocence

Nola, the Monster of Loneliness, is another cutie in the series.

WorryWoos are soft and cuddly and have unusual features that coincide with the emotion each character is presenting. The monsters come with a storybook that tells a tale also associated with the emotion.

Rue thinks his nose is too big and he feels like the nose doesn’t fit his other features of curly ears, wings and shaggy hair. Rue needs to feel that he’s perfect just the way he was made and that his differences only serve to make him interesting.

Rue is 12-inches tall and has been a star on the Today Show. His story has made him a hit with young and old alike. The storybook is a hardcover, delightfully illustrated, 88-page companion to Rue and filled with silly, but educational stories about how Rue at first tries to cover up his insecurities and then finds ways to cope with his differences.


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