PlaSmart PlasmaBike

PlaSmart PlasmaBike

PlaSmart PlasmaBike

Learning how to ride a bike is a ritual kids have been going through for decades. But there are injuries your child can sustain that make it a harrowing experience instead of a fun one – especially when they’re just starting out.

The PlaSmart PlasmaBike is a balance bike that gets your child off to a safe start. It’s not a motorized bike and there are no gears or pedals to worry about. The bike is just under 6 pounds, but it can hold a child of up to 55 pounds on it.

Kids get on the bike as early as 18 months in age and they learn the skill of balancing they’ll need when they finally get on a “big kid bike.” Motor skills get a run for their money on the PlasmaBike, too.

Many kids love riding a bike without training wheels, and the wide wheelbase on this bike lets them keep the bike upright, while still learning how to balance on it. So there’s no fear of falling easily.

The bike comes already assembled, so there’s no hassle for Moms and Dads on Christmas Eve to try to put things together. It has a cute little squeaky horn on it for kids, but it’s not so loud that it’s intrusive.

Kids can carry this bike around on their own because it’s so lightweight. The steering is limited, to prevent falls, but it has just enough steering capabilities to help your child get used to the concept of riding a bike.

Kids will get on and scoot around on the bike, so it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It was designed in Europe and has a nice, sleek look to it that kids adore. It’s very resilient and durable because it was built for tough tots.

It has nice rounded edges so that your child won’t get hurt on it when they’re getting on or off the bike. The handles are positioned kind of high so that your child learns to sit properly on the bike and it’s best for kids who are almost 3 feet tall.

One consumer commented that most plastic wheeled toys like this have snags in the rotation of the wheels, but this one doesn’t because there are ball bearings incorporated in it to keep it smooth. You can get this in a bright red color or a black one.

PlaSmart PlasmaCar

The PlasmaCar is another great option.

PlaSmart also has a PlasmaCar that you might want to consider in addition to or in place of the PlasmaBike. The PlasmaCar comes in many different colors and consumers love the way their kids just get on, start turning the steering wheel left to right and they take off!

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