Cepia’s DaGeDar

DaGeDar Supercharged Ball Bearing Toy Track

DaGeDar Supercharged Ball Bearing Toy Track

When it’s time to shop for toys for kids, getting them what will keep them entertained is easy if you know what the hottest toys are. Not all parents or adults pay attention to the commercials that come on touting the wonders of the latest toy, but you can bet the kids are paying attention – and those toys are tops on the wish list. One of the toys that quickly became all the rage this year is Cepia’s DaGeDar.

It has everything that kids love now – especially the ‘out of this world’ appearance. For those of you who know nothing about this toy, it’s a ball – but not an ordinary ball. These are the kind that are made for adrenaline pumping action – they’re racing balls!

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Naturally, you can get extra balls

The DaGeDar are a collection of balls that have different characters on them (over 100 characters so far) and it’s the pictures of the characters that inspire kids to collect them. The characters have names like Scissor Kick Kid (the character that looks like a ninja) or Click, Rhinasty (pronounced Rye-nasteee) and Dra-zard name a few.

Kids love these toys – not just because they have cool characters they can collect, and not just because they have trading cards they can collect and share with friends. They love the toy because of the action involved.

DaGeDar balls are fast and shoot quickly from the launcher when they’re in play. Kids gather around a table to launch and race their characters (earning mega bragging rights when their character comes in first).

There are currently six different sets of the balls kids want to have, but these aren’t just regular balls with a cool graphic printed on it. They’re durable balls that have a story to tell behind the creation of the character and kids can discover that story by going to the website and typing in the code.

They’ll found out which spirit is caught inside the racing ball. When kids go to the My Dags part of the site, the page begins ‘scanning’ eyes for identification and kids love the high tech appeal of that.

Some of them are considered rare collectibles. With the collectible balls, the raceway and launchers add to the fun (and competition). The Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway is how kids battle the opponent to the end. It’s thrilling and fast-paced as the balls battle it out for dominance.

Also with Cepia’s DaGeDar balls is the Rapid Fire Power Launcher, which lets kids put up to six of the balls into the launch position ready for action. It comes all ready with two of the balls.

When they get together with their friends, the launchers hold hour after hour of fun play for kids of all ages (even the grown up boys). The balls can also be carried around in a special Flip Action Carrying Case for those battles on the go.