Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Doll

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Doll

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Doll

The Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Doll will be sure to put on a fun show in your household as she sings and dances her way into your little girl’s heart.  This is the first doll in this series that actually can talk, dance, and sing.

The idea behind the Lalaloopsy dolls is that they are rag dolls that came to life when the last stitch was sewn into them.  Their personalities are based on the type of fabric they’re made from.  This doll comes with a pink and blue dress that matches her exciting and fun personality.

Every time you change her hair, she performs a different song for you.  She comes with five hair pieces that snap on to her head, making it easy to change styles quickly.  Two of her hairstyles spin and two of them allow your child to do some styling.

The Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Dollcan sing and talk whether she’s on or off stage, but when she’s on stage she can also dance.  She performs the Lalaloopsy twist and can move her arms as well as twist at the waist.

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Doll

She also comes with a pet cat.  This little kitty doubles as an instrument as well to add to the singing and dancing fun.  Your daughter will love putting on Lalaloopsy shows over and over again.

The Melody B Sharp doll does require four AA batteries in order to perform, but the first set is included in the box.  Batteries should last for a long time, but it’s always a good idea to have some ready for a backup.

There’s never been a more interactive doll in the Lalaloopsy series and whether your daughter collects them or this is her first one, it’s sure to please.  And if she loves this one, she’s sure to love other Lalaloopsy dolls.

Many of the songs that this doll performs are favorites your child will know, so she’ll love singing and dancing along to the shows.  Parents who have purchased this doll report that their daughters love playing with her.

This doll is sure to provide hours of fun as your child changes her hairstyles and helps her to perform many different stage shows.  The interactive pet is also a favorite of kids who own this doll.

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas gift for your musically inclined daughter, this is the way to go.  The Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp Interactive Doll makes a great gift for girls for his holiday season.