Novi Stars Dolls

I’m just crazy about these Novi Stars dolls, and chances are, your daughter is, too.

For me, a lot of the fun comes from their punny names. I’m not sure which one’s my favorite — Malie Tasker, with her 4 arms, or Sila Clops (“My eye lights up!”)

Your little girl might not care about that — that’s more of a thing for grown ups, I guess, but she’ll sure love playing with these little cuties. Just take a look!

#1MGA Novi Stars Doll - Alie Lectric
Novi Stars Doll – Alie Lectric

#2Novi Stars Curl N Coil Doll Roe Botik
Novi Stars Doll – Roe Botik

#3Novi Stars Doll - Sila Clops
Novi Stars Doll – Sila Clops

#4Novi Stars Curl N Coil Doll - Tily Vizon
Novi Stars Doll – Tily Vizon

#5Novi Stars Doll - Malie Tasker
Novi Stars Doll – Malie Tasker

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