Mutant Mania Mutant Masher

Mutant Mania Mutant Masher

Mutant Mania Mutant Masher

This year, there’s a great toy for kids this Christmas. It’s called the Mutant Mania Mutant Masher. This is a fun play vehicle that comes with a character in it.

Kids who love wrestling toys and vehicle toys will love it. If your child has more than one of the Mutant Mania characters, then he or she can put them all in the Mutant Masher car and let them go from place to place.

There’s a built in stretching rack where characters can be built from scratch, connecting various body parts to make whatever mutant they feel is worthy of a ride in the Mutant Masher.

There’s also a lot of good storage room, which Mom and Dad will love because it means fewer small parts strewn all over the place to get stepped on accidentally. We all know storage is one of the adults’ favorite features.

For extra fun, the Mutant Masher vehicle has seats that eject the characters so they go flying through the air. The vehicle comes with an exclusive character of its own, too.

It’s a Mutant Mania Wrestler with a head, body, legs and of course the popular flexible spine. Plus, in addition to the character and the vehicle, your child gets a collector’s guide to help them start tracking their collection over time.

Kids ages five and up will love this vehicular toy. And parents will love that it doesn’t require batteries! That means no extra cost to you over time. And the toy will work any time of day, without charging being necessary.

Mutant Mania 8 pack of characters

You can get addition figures to mash, like this “8 wrestlers in a can”!

There are over 120 characters your child can collect, so this is a great starter kit or addition to your son or daughter’s collection. If your kid gets bored with the characters they have, they can take them apart and make all new combinations of characters!

The line of toys also has some new metallic characters, so you may want to pick up one or two of those to go with this. They’d make great stocking stuffers. The spines are great fun for the wrestling maneuvers kids like to do as the characters get stretched and battle each other inside a wrestling ring.


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