Mini Squigz by Fat Brain Toys

Mini Squigz

Mini Squigz come in a 75-piece set.

If you remember the Squigz toy, then you’ll recall how they were first introduced on the scene a few years ago, and they became the must-have toy of the year. Well, now they’re back.

Sort of. They’re back in a smaller shape than the originals – but that doesn’t mean any of the fun was cut down in size. The Mini Squigz are a little over half the size of the original Squigz, which means that each box of these fun pieces are going to contain more pieces than you got with the originas.

You’ll be able to put them together and pull them apart. They’re entertaining, addictive and fun for the entire family. While they look like simply playthings, they actually do a lot to help anyone who uses them.

Squigz Starter Pack

This is the Squigz Starter Pack for the full-sized version. It has 24 pieces.

They work to improve motor dexterity and can prod kids and adults alike to let their imaginations soar. Each of the boxes of the mini Squigz contains a total of 75 pieces so there’s a lot that you can do with that many pieces.

You can build all sorts of unique and fun creations. Plus, there are some new shapes for you to see as well as some new colors. The shapes and colors do repeat themselves in the box, but you get 5 different shapes in all.

It’s fun to stick them onto different places and they’ll easily adhere to any surface that allows them to create that suction hold. Rough surfaces make it more difficult for the pieces to be able to hold on.

They act just like the full size Squigz. When you press them together, they’ll cling tightly to the other piece thanks to the suction action. When you pull them apart, you’ll get the same loud popping sound that you get with the originals.

Squigz Deluxe Set

There’s also a 50-count Deluxe Set of the full-sized Squigz.

But because you have more pieces with the mini version, you get to do more things with them. You can make them stack upward or you can attach them out. They can create arches, bridges or whatever item your imagination dreams up by simply sticking them together and because the suction is strong, they’ll stick until you separate them to build something else.

You can hang them upside down or sideways and they’ll stay that way even going so far as to defy gravity. You would think that something this strong would leave a mark on whatever surfaces you stick them to, but they don’t.

That’s just one of the many reasons why parents love this toy. So kids can build whatever their hearts desire and the possibilities are endless. They can be played with at home or on the go and they’re especially great to take along on a trip to help keep kids entertained. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them if they get dirty because the toy is completely washable.

Squigz Benders

You can also get these dohickeys for the full sized Squigz. They’re called Squigz Benders are consist of 6 Squigz and 12 Benders (the elongated connectors.)

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