Matchitecture Architectural Model Kits

They’re called “Matchitecture” and they’re loosely based on the old art of making models out of matchsticks. That’s all upgraded, of course, and in these kits you cut the wood microbeams out with the included tool, glue them together, and presto! You have an amazing model replica.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as I make it seem. The Taj Mahal model, for example, is made up of 7500 microbeams. (It’s called the Expert Level for a reason.)

I’ve shown a few of my favorite models here, but your tastes may vary, so be sure to check out the complete collection of Matchitecture Architectural Model Kits.

#1Bojeux Matchitecture - Taj Mahal
Bojeux Matchitecture – Taj Mahal

#2Bojeux Matchitecture - Eiffel Tower
Bojeux Matchitecture – Eiffel Tower

#3Bojeux Matchitecture - Japanese Bridge
Bojeux Matchitecture – Japanese Bridge

#4Bojeux Matchitecture - Tower Bridge of London
Bojeux Matchitecture – Tower Bridge of London

#5Bojeux Matchitecture - Chrysler Building
Bojeux Matchitecture – Chrysler Building


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