Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Play Set

Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

The Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Play Set will be a favorite with little girls everywhere this holiday season.  If your daughter loves Little People and Disney Princesses, this is the ultimate combination.

You’ll be amazed at all the features of this play set.  It comes with Cinderella and Snow White figures.  And the set recognizes the difference between the two princesses and responds differently to each of them.

With each princess, the toy recognizes her and then uses her name, sings a song about her, and uses a phrase specifically linked to her.  The set itself looks like a castle and has seven different play areas for the princesses.

There are plenty of rooms fit for a princess in this castle.  First, there’s a sitting room where princesses can do their entertaining.  There’s space in the sitting room for two princesses to sit and look outside.

You’ll also find a cozy kitchen perfect for preparing tea.  There’s also a bedroom upstairs with a royal bed.   You’ll also find a dance floor that actually spins and has room for up to four figures on it.  In addition, there is a balcony, an attic, and a dressing room for your princesses to play.

With so many levels, this palace also contains an elevator to help princesses move from floor to floor – there’s no limit to the luxury found in this set.  The play set also includes a table and two chairs for the princesses to dine together.

While the set only comes with two princesses, there are several others available for purchase.  You’ll want to consider getting the package of princesses so that your little one will have even more fun with the palace.

You can also purchase a set of princes to go with this set so that there are even more fun characters to play with in the palace.  With so many figures, the fun is only limited by your little one’s imagination.

 Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Play Set Parents who have purchased this product love that it is easy to assemble.  In just a few minutes, you’ll have the complete set ready to go.  This is quite a large set and will really impress your child if it’s set in front of the Christmas tree for Christmas morning.

You can also enjoy that this set is very high quality as you can always expect from Fisher-Price products.  The Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Play Set is designed with your little girl in mind – and for many years of play.

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