LEGO Minecraft: The Village


LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

The first year LEGO released a set for the online game Minecraft, everyone was shocked about how in-demand it was. You could hardly find it anywhere, and when you did, the price was exorbitant.

So LEGO decided to expand the line and release more of their Minecraft worlds, including LEGO Minecraft The Village – a huge success among LEGO collectors and fans of the game.

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

The inhabitants of Minecraft Village.

Minecraft players know that there are hidden villages in the game. With this set, you can make that village come to life. It has all the right characters, including a Pig, a Villager, and a Zombie that you put together.

This is a micro LEGO set, so before you buy it for a very small child, understand that little ones (even those who might enjoy playing Minecraft) have a harder time putting together the bricks for micro sets.

The LEGO Miecraft Village is a biome that allows you to reconfigure the four sections any way you want, so you’re not restricted to one single design. And it’s compatible with other LEGOs, so you can add to the design or customize it any way you see fit, including adding crops or homes to the landscape.

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

Just like in the game, your character can go down below the village into the mines. Of course, there’s danger lurking there! Your character might encounter an explosion of TNT, and your child can remove the wall to bring that explosion to life.

It’s good to grab the Nether to go along with the village. It adds drama to the game play. Both sets are very sturdy, and won’t fall apart when they’re put together, even though they’re small.

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

Another possible configuration

There are 466 pieces in this set. The figures are micromobs, and you can have the Villager raising the pig and the Zombie chasing the Villager. If you have the other sets, you can add Ghast, Steve and Zombie Pigman, too if you want.

The set is perfect for kids who enjoy their creative minds and want to explore the 3-dimensional world of building environments.  Because of the size of the pieces, it might take a little longer for your child to put together if they’re doing it without help.

It’s almost impossible to find the Minecraft LEGO sets anywhere in stores offline, so your best bet if you’re buying for the holidays or a birthday is to order early online and make sure you reserve a set for your family.

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