FyrFlyz Light-Up Toy

FyrFlyz LED Light-Up Toy

FyrFlyz LED Light-Up Toy

One toy that kids are raving about proves that things don’t have to be expensive to be in demand. Some toys make the hot list simply on their entertainment value alone and that’s just what iStar Entertainment’s FyrFlyz does.

These toys are some of the coolest entertainment gadgets to hit the market in years and already the buzz has built up about them. What exactly are these toys? They’re similar to a Yo-Yo, but with a lot more color and flash and entertainment.

FyrFlyz Cyclone

Looks simple, doesn’t it? But tons of fun!

Using the string (by holding it with both hands), the toy lights up (some models have multiple colors) and players can make up their own tricks to go along with the toy. The lights from the toy can put on a light show or create hundreds of different designs.

The more the user practices, the more elaborate the light show can become. Once you take the string of the FyrFlyz toy, you can spin it in circles and create the designs. It’s not only fun for one person to play with, but is a huge hit at parties.

One of the main things that FyrFlyz has done to make this toy a top seller is that they’ve honed the focus on entertainment. Talented groups on shows like America’s Got Talent that perform in light shows were huge hits and the movements performed with the light became works of art. By using the FyrFlyz toys, any user can create a work of art.

Fyrflyz LED Light Up Toy


By pulling on the attached strings (or lessening the tightness of the string), users can make designs such as rings, a figure eight, a sunburst, etc. When the lights are off, this toy puts on quite a spectacular performance.

This is not only a great toy (and a wonderful boredom buster) but if you have kids  who plan to participate in a talent show at their school, this would make a nice addition to the act. These lighted toys create beautiful trails of light and can turn any party into a rockin’ party.

The FyrFlyz has many tricks that are easy for anyone to learn The secret behind the incredible display (besides the LED lighting) is that to get started, users twist the string, but as the toy begins to spin from the tension release on the string, it shows off the brilliant colors and the shapes it can make simply with the light within. Kids love the toy because it’s versatile and each time they use it, they can get a different design. From orbits to Saturn rings, the fun never ends.

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