Faber Castell Pretty Pedicure Salon

Pretty Pedicure Salon

Pretty Pedicure Salon

Who doesn’t enjoy the spa treatment that lets them be a princess for a day?  Now there’s a fun and relaxing spa treatment kids can have at home just for feet with the Faber Castell Pretty Pedicure Salon that’s a huge hit as a gift for girls, especially since it’s so reasonably priced.

It’s a perfect gift choice (not only for the girls in your life, but also for her to give to her friends as a gift). It’s a great antidote for those overcast winter days to make her feel bright and cheery and pampered.

A top choice featured gift for girls from 9-12, this salon set will help her learn more about foot care while coating her toes with cute designs. The salon kit is visually appealing with the little red and white heart theme.

She can put her foot into the pedicure pool that inflates and get the royal treatment while she chats with her friends on the phone. When she’s done soaking up the luxury and her feet feel deliciously soft and pampered, she can dry them on a fluffy towel and slip her feet into the heart designed spa slippers.

Once her feet are comfortably dry, she can take it to the next step with the other accessories that come with the salon. The toe separator in the Faber Castell Pretty Pedicure Salon keeps toes from pushing against one another as she uses the nail buffer and file to shine and perfect them into tip top shape.

It’s also a great accessory to have when it’s time to bring out the three bottles of nail polish that are included in the salon. The nail polish colors in the salon are two colors in the pink family and French white so that she can give herself a French manicure just like her mom has!

Once the nail polish is dry, girls can top the color off with their own design. Using the nail art and rhinestones with jazzy glitter, she can add some extra pizzazz to her pedicure. There’s enough nail polish in the salon for girls to be able to have fun when their friends come over. They can show their friends how they created their cute toe polish designs.

This is a great gift to spend some mother and daughter time together in fun, sweet bonding with girl talk and pampering. The Faber Castell Pretty Pedicure Salon is age appropriate and has been tested to ensure that ingredients are safe for your child’s skin. Once the spa treatment time is over, the spa accessories are easily contained in the included spa tote.

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