Doodle Roll

Doodle Roll

Doodle Roll

If you’re a parent, then you know what a mess artistic toys can be. You have to buy construction paper, butcher paper, crayons, markers, paints, pencils and a whole host of other art supplies to keep kids happy.

It’s not so much that the supplies themselves are messy, since some of them are neat and tidy – but it’s the way they seem to become scattered out all over your house or the child’s room when not in use.

Kids will get a stack of paper and a pile of markers and when they’re finished, it looks like a mini tornado has come through your home. Doodle Roll is a toy that takes care of that issue.

It’s a compact art kit that is convenient and clean and it is very portable – great for the car, taking to a friend’s house, and more! The Basic Doodle Roll  comes as a 15’ roll of 4” wide paper with 4 crayons.

The container is a paper dispenser and crayon storage all in one. Your child just pulls out as much paper as they want to use and it easily tears off for them, so that there aren’t piles of paper all over your counters or tables.

The paper included has EZ-tear serrated edges. If you have more kids or want to invest in a bigger set, then you can buy Doodle Rolls that have multiple packs, like a pack of 6 for instance.

Doodle Roll

Doodle Roll

This made in the USA toy allows your child to tap into his or her imagination. They can draw and color pictures of animals or other scenes. They can use the paper to create a story and illustrate it.

Some kids use the Doodle Roll to practice what they learned in school, writing the alphabet and numbers on the rolls. They also love to create big banners for others, like “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

This toy is perfect for car trips. Your kids can tear off a sheet to play games like Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman. If you only have one Doodle Roll, that’s okay too – because kids can pull out enough paper to create a banner size scene, and their friends can create on it right along with them!

The Doodle Roll has won many awards. If your child says they’re bored, hop onto the official website and look at their activity ideas. They give tips like, “Draw your top five favorite animals,” or “trace your hand and draw a new creature on top.”

There’s no end to the amount of fun your child can have with the Doodle Roll, and you’ll be less stressed not having to deal with a big clean up job after they’re finished playing!

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