Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship


Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship

Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship

Barbie has always led a luxurious life and with the Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship, her adventures continue.  This ship is made just for Barbie and her family and friends to sail the seas in style. It includes several areas for play and many realistic accessories.

Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship

Inside the Cruise Ship

The first thing you’ll notice is the size of this set – it’s a large play set that has plenty of space for several dolls to play.  But even though it’s quite large, it can be folded up when play is done to be put out of the way.

This Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship is brightly colored in pink and blue.  On top, you’ll notice a generous deck that’s complete with a Captain’s wheel.  There’s also plenty of room for a couple of dolls to relax on deck chairs.

Barbie’s pool slides

BThere’s also a small pool that features not one, but two pink slides that end at the pool.  You can fill this pool up with real water for splashing around.  There’s also a dolphin fountain that empties into the pool – and it really works!

No cruise would be complete without meals, and this ship offers a buffet and eating area for Barbie and her family.  There are also two beds that fold down to give space for sleeping.  There’s nothing missing from this wonderful play set.

The ship does have small parts, so it’s not recommended for children under the age of three.   It’s also important to note that this set doesn’t come with any Barbie dolls – so you may need to purchase some to go with it.

This is a sturdy set that does require a little assembly.  You’ll also need to add the sticker decals to parts of the ship.  But most parents who have purchased it relate that it doesn’t take too long to put together.

This set unfolds to be over three and a half feet wide, so it makes a great gift to set out on Christmas morning.  Imagine the look on your daughter’s face when she sees a huge cruise ship all for her.

Sure you’ve got enough Barbies?

As with all Barbie sets, this is made of high quality plastic and is made to stand up to many hours of playing with dolls.  Your daughter can pretend to be setting sail or to be docked at a port.  You can also combine this with other Barbie sets for even more imaginative fun.

If your daughter is a big Barbie fan, this is the perfect addition to her toys.  The Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship is perfect for this coming holiday season and is going to be a huge hit.

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