Alex Decorate My Own Locking Diary Kit

Alex Toys Craft My Own Diary Kit

Alex Toys Craft My Own Diary Kit

If you’ve ever tried to find the perfect gift for a six to ten year old girl, then you know what a challenge it can be. You want a gift that she’ll enjoy over and over again because she treasures it.

You also want something that allows her to be creative and unique. You want a gift that she can use to express herself. The Alex Craft My Own Locking Diary Kit is the perfect solution for the independent, creative girl. And it’s inexpensive enough so it won’t break the bank!

This diary kit comes with multiple jewels, ribbons, glue, beads, one gel pen, and every girl’s favorite decorative item – glitter. She can spend hours decorating the cover of her diary to create a one of a kind journal that she’ll want to use for months to come.

With a cute and creative purse design, this innovative toy allows your girl to carry her diary with her wherever she goes. And best of all, the feature that no diary would be complete without – a beautiful heart shaped lock to keep all of her secrets safe and tucked away.

Alex Toys Craft My Own Diary Kit

Alex Toys Craft My Own Diary Kit

Attached to the diary is a beautiful heart shaped bookmark that can also be decorated to let your daughter find her recent entry easily. Best of all, the Locking Diary Kit encourages her to preserve her memories through writing and drawing for years to come.

This toy can also have therapeutic benefits as young girls learn to express their feelings. For instance, a child facing a move or dealing with changing classes may be afraid of those changes can find comfort in writing or drawing about those feelings in a secure place like her diary.

Studies show there are many benefits that journaling has to offer, including stress reduction, healing, and developing new problem solving skills. Girls may also gain confidence as they learn to express their feelings in a new way.

This diary kit is always a hit with girls that don’t like the standard princess or fairy journals. Since your daughter will be the one decorating it, you can rest assured it won’t be just another gift she plays with for a few minutes before moving on to the next cool thing.

Even parents agree that this diary makes a great gift. The Alex Craft My Own Locking Diary Kit has received the National Parenting Center’s “Seal of Approval!” This diary kit isn’t just a toy – it will become a treasured keepsake that your daughter will enjoy years later.

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